Thursday, January 21, 2010


friends from out of town always ends up being drinking on a wednesday, and waking up severely hungover on thursday. no matter, I found some fresh new digs and I have a tofu spring roll waiting for me in the fridge, ..oh and a giant bottle of water at my side.

so Topman featured this KSUBI t-shirt, and I thought what a clever concept; a burning heart shirt. clever, i might have to put this on my wish list. however, there is one KSUBI, actually TSUBI shirt that I still am hunting which was their "safe in heaven, dead" shirt, that I saw the bassist from the Big Pink wearing, and have been scowering the earth trying to get one.

I don't know if I should be posting these but, a close friend posted some clothes from Alexander McQueen and it was pretty impressive. The shoes at the bottom are pretty sickkkk.

Here's my inspiration as of late;
i've been wearing my D Collection toggle coat jacket alot again hence, LA's rainy weather. I love this coat, and never get to wear it unless the weather is appropriate so thankfully this cold brisk winter is finally appropriate.
(photos via Sea of Ghosts)

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