Wednesday, January 20, 2010


L.A. is getting hit hard by a ton of rain, and I couldn't be happier. It always looks TEN TIMES better after it does, and frankly we get WAY too much sunshine as it is. So let it be.

I've been following a TON of blogs lately, so I've been on a mission to get this blog just as good as those. By finding such things as.

Reid Peppard is making some amazing Taxidermy styled pieces via London with mostly found animals according to his blog.
..kinda makes me want to take a taxidermy course and make my own stuff.
Here we've got a fancy little fox tail at the end of a USB key made by
..a pretty neat piece to make your laptop match your purse.

(found via Bleach Black)

..and lastly, a great find.
as if you weren't goth enough, now you can raise the bar with this umbrella. A blog called MaxiGlob posted this, and I'm actually curious as to how this thing works. You'll be sure to turn heads if you have the matching cape and utility belt.

(found via Haute Macabre)

I'll be postinig more stuff as I find it, and try to start posting my own finds on here as well. Again, this is a work in progress, and bear with me.


dirtyflaws said...

right on! thank you so much xx

Moda, Por Favor! said...

I love that umbrella!

Moda, Por Favor

andwhatelseisthere said...

that wallet is def. rad.

ps. your tumblr is killing. i'm head over heels with it.